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Monday, May 30, 2005

So that's where it was!

Knew that one night last year I'd half-started a blog, but hadn't a clue where I'd left it... blogging & brandy don't mix too well! Just rediscovered this by accident whilst looking around the "new" account I set up a couple of days ago so I could post a comment to Nog's Blog :-)


  • At 06 June, 2005 12:22, Blogger Rob Spence said…

    Hi Bluefluff - re the TMA05 debacle - yes, I'm still recovering from the marking. What a shambles!

  • At 06 June, 2005 15:49, Blogger Morning-Loves-It said…

    Thanks for the "Hello" It's a bit scarey out here and there are some strange and wonderful Blogs that I keep finding. I feel a bit too normal for all this. Maybe some Brandy would help?

  • At 07 June, 2005 04:02, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    Brandy helps in most circumstances, I find :-)
    But not in TMA marking... that, alas, has to be done sober....


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