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Friday, July 22, 2005

Waking Dreams

That's the name of a major exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite art at Nottingham Castle this summer. It's the USA's largest PRB collection, on a world tour, & Nottingham is its only UK venue.

Details here

I'll be visiting with some OU friends I met online in 2002. My social/travel phobia is such that I never met them F2F until January this year. Before that, I always had a good excuse not to join their outings....

This was going to be my "make or break" year. Despite the odd stumble that almost sent me scuttling back into my corner for good, I think I'm making it. I've met my friends. I've been to three music gigs. I've travelled alone on a train, twice. There are still gaps in my life that I will never fill, & I don't have a cat in hell's chance of rivalling the rich
experiences of so many others whose blogs I read, but maybe I'll survive.

Waking dreams? They're the worst sort.


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