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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dept of bleedin obvious switches to overtime

Well, who would have thought it? Another in an occasional series....

In a dramatic revelation from the BBC, we learn that Swedish researchers have discovered that people get more satisfaction from working hard towards a goal than from lazing on the beach.

British experts have announced that they agree. Amongst their more insightful observations:

  • Hard work is satisfying, but only if it suits you.

  • Relationships can also have a significant impact.



  • At 03 January, 2006 19:10, Blogger Rob Spence said…

    I'm rapidly becoming used to these pieces of alleged "research". As someone who works in the humanities, it's really galling to find that tosh like this gets funded whilst lots of (to me anyway) worthwhile arts based research has to struggle for funding.
    I obviously need to work harder to achieve my goal of satisfaction.


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