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Friday, March 10, 2006

Busy girl!

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned on my other blog that daughter #3 was taking part in a learning workshop with the BAAT's Roy Paget. This event has been reported in the school's newsletter.

This week she was also part of the award-winning stage crew in the local heats of Rock Challenge.

She'll probably be mad if she sees this post.......


  • At 11 March, 2006 13:08, Blogger Hazeofpink said…

    Well done that girl :-)

  • At 17 March, 2006 20:36, Blogger methel said…

    Like mother like daughter??? ;-)

    btw - can hardly believe it, the only person I am still in touch with from school (in Exeter!) lives in Healing! And, more wierd too, she is married to a doctor - serious.

  • At 18 March, 2006 02:21, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    Methel - weirder & weirder, I may even know her! My kids have hung out with two or three doctors' families over the years. Hang on... Exeter? I think I may know who it is... large lady?
    & if that's correct, here's the triple whammy - my first contact with the family came when a member of the generation above joined my OU course as a student.
    Please reply!

  • At 18 March, 2006 14:59, Blogger methel said…

    dunno about the joined your class bit (her mum was a late returnee to education) but otherwise bingo! And they say it takes six links to connect any two people - we seem to have made a better than average job of it!

  • At 18 March, 2006 23:57, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    We certainly have (thanks for the mail!)& it was indeed her mum that I tutored in her first year with the OU - in fact I think it was the year she moved to Healing to be nearer the rest of the family.
    (In a further connection, the doctor husband was my GP during my pregnancy with... the daughter whose adventures started off this blog entry!)
    Good, innit? :-)

  • At 20 March, 2006 21:39, Blogger methel said…

    oh no! - this is getting quite TOO very much as my "English-is-not-my-first-
    language" husband loves to say! Incidentally "innit?" is another favourite of his - picked up from the kid at the school gate in the film of "To Sir With Love" who greets Sidney Poitier with "Nice day innit?"


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