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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pension update

So Alan got impatient at not hearing about his pension....
Phoned the pensions people - 'Oh, we don't have any paperwork for you from your LEA. Try your LEA'. This is North-East Lincs, recently slagged off in the national press as England's least efficient authority.
Phoned NEL - 'Oh, we thought you were retiring at Easter. No we've not lost your form' [rustle rustle] 'I have it right here. Would you like me to send it off?'
This from the people who told him not to fill in a date, because the pensions office would put that on, when they received the form - aarrgghh!!
Good job he's been marking exams, & I've been doing 18-hour days for the OU, otherwise we could have been out on the street starving, for all they cared.
It makes me very angry.


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