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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More on Joan Ross

I hear the launch went very well, with contributions from many people who'd touched Joan's life & those whose lives she'd touched in turn. Almost a "This is your Life" show!
Here's another review:

Description:`As well as being of interest to educators, Joan Ross's autobiography would be would be worth including as a text for pupils following citizenship curriculum in secondary schools' - SENCO Update
Joan is an adult with cerebral palsy who grew up when compulsory education was not in place for all children. Her memories of her childhood before inclusion, her development as a teenager and her adult life are chronicled without sentiment and this book offers the reader an autobiography of someone who lives with a significant disability.
The book is supported by SCOPE who have provided an introduction and informative commentary about cerebral palsy.
The book is of general interest and offers information and inspiration to Scope members and those whose lives are touched by CP.


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