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Friday, April 28, 2006

All politicians should be like this

I think I've blogged about Austin Mitchell's blog before - if I haven't, I should have!
His latest Commons Diary is a riot - personal health anecdotes mixed with sarky political asides, & that's before this week's juicy scandals.
Tuesday 4 April
My operation called Vertebroplasty was developed in Glasgow, though not with the encouragement of Tommy McAvoy who's probably suspicious of anything that builds backbones in backbenchers. Because it's experimental I can go in early on the NHS at the Chelsea and Westminster to allow a new team to develop its skills. Unfortunately that means losing the recess. Anything to get rid of this pain.
Clutching my little bag of illegals ??? I'm told the Chelsea and Westminster joke 16 times before I even reach the ward. Why are the cities that way round? Because if Westminster came first it would be the Royal WC. This is going to be hard.
Put in a ward of six where most stare stolidly ahead, just like the Whips' Office. I'm attached to a drip feed which now has to trundle everywhere behind me. Probably it's sending signals to Tommy.

Perhaps I just have a strange sense of humour, but I love Austin's diaries. I hope he's saving them up to publish when he retires.


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