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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A bit of history!

No, not the A103 Marwick sort...

I've just missed the anniversary by an hour or so, but on 11th January 1973, the very first OU students graduated. In its first two years, the OU had grown to 40,000 students, & now it has 200,000!

Full story here, on the BBC's "On this day" feature. Pity they've disabled the readers' comments.

Just over five years later, I joined the OU & I'm still here :-)


  • At 12 January, 2006 08:43, Blogger Morning-Loves-It said…

    In 1973 I was running my hairdressing salon and the guy in the men's outfitters next door was an OU student. He'd sit behind his counter with his books just studying and I used to wonder what he was actually doing.

    He got his OU degree and then trained to become a teacher. His then wife followed in his path and they eventually divorced and she got her degree and also became a teacher.

    Thirty years later Morty is teaching in a school as supply and phones me up on his first day there from the staff room to tell me he is teaching alongside the 'then' wife! And now I'm an OU student too!

    Certainly a life-changing experience. I wish I'd started the same time as you did Bluefluff!


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