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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Our Austin again

Another instalment from the Grimsby MP's blog.

Blogging has been temporarily suspended for reconstruction work. On me. I'm still on painkillers but that gives me a much happier view of New Labour. I'm using the same brand as Tony so I know exactly how he feels - or doesn't - but I hope they don't have the same effect on my hair.

Last week was peak pain killer time. Prezza is near his three shags and you're out limit (he's actually well past it but the others kept quiet so as not to get expelled from the women's movement). Now he's in a position where he can't go because it's too humiliating but he can't accomplish anything by staying because he's so humiliated. Yet at least he got more from his Clinton moment than Clinton. I've always been his admirer since YTV days. But he is a serial groper and should keep his hands to himself.
& so on & so forth for another thousand words or so!


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