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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Je blogge / Je blogue

For a travel-phobic who hasn't been on a plane since 1975, May 8th 2007 has been something of a challenge. But this time tomorrow, I should be asleep in Paris :-)
Travelling with HazeofPink & Daydreamer. I'm reliably informed that one farts & the other snores, so it may be a less than peaceful sleep!
We intend to eat well, drink well & make the most of being able to visit art galleries without reluctant partners/children in tow. The visit was carefully timed to avoid Parisians' propensity for throwing stones at the police regardless of who wins their elections. Weather forecast isn't brilliant, but who goes to Paris to sunbathe?
Interesting linguistic phenomenon in "blogger" (to blog). French g followed by e is usually soft, so I would've expected "blogger" to work like, say, suggérer with a j sound inthe middle. But apparently not. I still want to spell it "bloguer" though. Seems I'm not alone.
Nearly at the end of my Chamber of Sorrows CD now, so I suppose I should call it a day.
[Oh look - it's a day!]

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  • At 08 May, 2007 16:35, Blogger Gilles Desforges said…

    Bonjour Lynne and thank you for the "citation" !

    Your french is realy better that my english and you are so right about your choice. Blooger is the Google produce and we use it or not to clavarder (Québec) ... So : Je bloge is like a Je bloje ; Je blogue is correct even if the French Accademy is not "okay" whith that : they bloc-notent or something like that ...

    PS : I take a friend identity for this comment because we can not, here, comment if we are not using Blogger. But I'm Olivier SC from Bloguer ou ne pas bloguer.

  • At 09 May, 2007 22:30, Blogger kat said…

    I hope you are having a great time. Enjoy.

  • At 10 May, 2007 12:41, Blogger Hageltoast said…

    hope Paris is wonderful for you. I love flying.


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