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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Est in aedibus aula*

Or words to that effect....

I'm indulging my OU addiction after all, by signing up for a hopefully not too time-consuming level 2 Latin course. Lest this sound arrogant & dismissive of the effort involved in learning Latin, I should add that I'm cheating, since I've already done it once before. OK, it was some number of decades ago, but alarmingly I remember it rather better than the ancient Greek I did in 2005. "Oh I wish I'd looked after me brain cells."

Anyway, this week I've been learning about slaves & slave-girls, & what the cooks & slave girls got up to in the house of the old man (who was a miserly old man) & jolly interesting it is too. Last time I did Latin, it was all spears & shields & bee-keeping. I suspect we missed out the good bits.

For a start, we never used to pronounce it with a Rene & Renata style pseudo-Italian accent, like they do on the course CD. Which ties in neatly with my current favourite blog, Non-working monkey. Who is currently working. Alas, nothing is as straightforward as it seems.

*In the house, there is a pot.
Well, there would be, wouldn't there?


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