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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Out & about

We have a few plans lined up.

25 April another gig at Nottingham Rescue Rooms, where we enjoyed Ginger a year ago. This time it's another of our regulars, Duluth band Low, promoting their latest album Drums and Guns. A sample track on MySpace captures their sparse yet provocative sound.
"Our bodies break. And the blood just spills and spills. But here we sit debating math."

30 April OU HQ to collect a teaching award. It still feels odd being "honoured" for just doing the job that I love doing, but I'll not say no to a nice Monetary Token (even if it does come to me via payroll so the govt creams off its portion before I get to play with it).

8 May Springtime in Paris :-)
First time I've been to Paris (or been in a plane, for that matter) since the 70s. I'm going with Haze of Pink & Daydreamer. They'll do the hand-holding & gallery-ID, while I do the lingo. Scary, but exciting, & a neat marriage between my first degree (French) & my OU existence. I met these two friends online during a course that was responsible for so much: their interest in Art History, my professional commitment to online learning (therefore indirectly to the award), our friendship that involves UK gallery visits & gig experiences, & then it was my degree that got me the OU job in the first place, so it all comes together :-)


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