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Monday, August 29, 2005

It's been a while...

Went on holiday to Denmark & then spent a week catching up with life (well, work).

I'm intrigued by people's priorities after they've been away for a while. In my case, these were, in order, 1. the two teenage children who'd stayed at home during the holiday, one of whom is shortly off to uni for the first time; 2. looking after my students who'd been tutorless for a couple of weeks; 3. catching up with my online friends in the OU conferences; 4. Doing Something about the course I'm supposed to be studying - like, um, actually studying it; 5. Thinking about future work, as I'm due to start tutoring a new course next month & helping out with briefing the tutors (somebody, somewhere, obviously thinks I know what I'm talking about. I wish I shared their confidence.); 6. national & international news (strange how the BBC news pages are compulsive reading for 50 weeks of the year, then totally cease to matter for a fortnight. Still, Danish teletext kept us up to date with all the important stuff, like football & Madonna falling off a horse.); 7. Ah yes, the blogosphere - wonder if it's still there?

Some people (well, OK, two that I've noticed. My circle is not wide) dash to their blog after an absence, to inform the world of their doings. Me, I dashed to FirstClass (the OU system). One of my bosses (you get lots of bosses in the OU) remarked a couple of years ago that my opinions about life online should be discounted, since I was a FirstClass addict. (This is distinct, you understand, from being a "first class addict", though there are senses in which that might apply, too.)I think he was probably right, & I'm sure it skews my perception of things.

Well down the list is sleep - nevertheless, it may be time to re-acquaint myself.


  • At 30 August, 2005 12:30, Blogger pal said…

    Welcome back! You are very people orientated obviously as your top 3 priorities indicate.

    Blogging is becoming as addictive as FC for me, but sometimes I do feel that I'm just muttering away to myself in cyberspace! ;-)

  • At 31 August, 2005 03:55, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    Hmmm... I suspect it's more my low guilt threshold than people-orientated-ness! A sense of what I "ought" to do, & doing what people expect of me. Story of my life :-(

    I can see the addiction potential in blogging, but it's scary in a way - open to being read by The World (which I accept some would find exhilarating rather than scary)whereas FC is safe & enclosed. Does that make sense?

  • At 31 August, 2005 22:46, Blogger pal said…

    Yes it does make sense and yes it, Blogging, is scary in the open respect - but then I remember that I'm 'pal' and think that peeps might not recognise me :-))

    I sent my daughter my blog url - she thinks we are all barking, but I always have the thought that she may just make a trip back to Blogland to see what I'm up to, so that acts as a sort of restraint and I don't go veering too far off the straight and narrow :-)


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