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Friday, September 23, 2005

About that mammo*

Well, various people had suggested it wasn't an experience to be relished, & even the official Reassuring Leaflet told me that most women find it uncomfortable, & some painful. Given that I'm a complete scaredy-cat when it comes to stuff like that (my dentist has to sedate me before he can get anywhere near!) I wasn't looking forward to it one bit. I'd already cancelled a June appointment on the gounds of being "too busy" but really because I needed more time to think. [See below]
Anyway, I'm pleased to report that it was something & nothing. I'd have that done every week without a second thought. The hardest bit was getting back down the steps afterwards! (It was in a mobile unit with very steep rickety metal stairs & an even more rickety handrail, & my knees are dodgy...).
But (& I have to giggle at this) I may get a "technical recall" as I talked at the wrong moment. Oops. Apparently you're not supposed to make nervous small talk while the snaps are bing taken, as it blurs them. Well, I'll keep an eye on the post & my mouth shut next time!

Thinking time needed because... Mum died of breast cancer, in July 2004. But she took a typically brave & unconventional route by rejecting all treatment - kept the knowledge to herself (& Dad) until she unavoidably needed medical help for the pain. She figured that since she was already, as she put it, "crippled & half blind" (from arthritis & glaucoma) there was no point in seeking treatment to prolong her quantity of life at the expense of quality. Instead she & Dad lived as intensely & lovingly as they could for five years, uninterrupted by appointments, hospital visits, chemo, invasive surgery etc. In the final weeks of her life we talked a lot about this decision, & it did affect my own outlook considerably. If it came to it, I would like to show the same sort of dignity, but know that I'm not capable of it - so what would be the point of finding out sooner rather than later that I have a problem too? Hence the difficulty in deciding whether to go for my mammo or not.

But I went. I'm a sucker for official summonses!


  • At 25 September, 2005 00:29, Blogger kat said…

    I really should go for one of these. I've been once before and I can't say that I found it too uncomfortable. Mind you, I haven't got much of a chest so there isn't much to squash.


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