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Monday, September 12, 2005

Survived :-)

Not only that, I surprised myself by quite enjoying the day. Less good bits were the torrential rain on the journey to MK & the attack of, erm, nervous bowel syndrome on arrival, but after that, things started to look up! There were some familiar friendly faces there, which helped, & a faintly chaotic 'make it up as you go along' air to the whole proceedings. I can handle that so much better than formality.

Odd thing is, I was reproaching myself for not having a portfolio of gee-whiz powerpoint presentations, but insisting on low-key group activities instead for most of the day - another similar event nearby did take the powerpoint approach & was considered a rather dreary affair.

I still can't quite believe I volunteered (on the day - if it had been promised in advance, I wouldn't even have got the 3 hours sleep I did!) to do some live software demos for a big roomful of - aarrgghh!! - people!!!! Hey ho, maybe I should stop whingeing about my nerves now?


  • At 12 September, 2005 09:23, Blogger pal said…

    Yaaaay! So pleased for you and really nice you actually enjoyed it :-))

  • At 12 September, 2005 12:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Odd. I didn't think anyone enjoyed Milton Keynes.

  • At 12 September, 2005 19:30, Blogger kat said…

    Sounds like it went really well. My own personal thoughts are that you should never ruin a good get together with a stiff presentation. I have rarely seen a group interact much with a PowerPoint Slide show. As an 'EGuide' and mentor I get people asking me to help with these things but I seem to spend a lot of time talking them out of them. This weekend I received a 19 Mb file and was asked to look at it because the sender couldn't get it quite right. I almost demolished it. Got it right down to 800 Kb containing six pictures and a title and suggested that she hold a discussion around the pictures. I thought that after all her hard work and preparation she would be furious with me, but I have just received an email telling me that I am wonderful. Phew!! I really thought I had gone too far this time but I do think there are better ways of using technology.


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