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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Things that don't make sense #2

The BBC today tells the sad tale of a bloke who turned up for a job interview & ended up being interviewed live on air about the Apple court case, having been mistaken for a visiting expert. Poor bloke, what a dreadful & embarrassing experience for him... but... here's the mystery:
The producer asked for Guy Kewney, editor of, who was due to be interviewed about the Apple vs Apple court case.
After being pointed in Mr Goma's direction by a receptionist, the producer - who had seen a photo of the real expert - checked: "Are you Guy Kewney?"
The economics and business studies graduate answered in the affirmative and was whisked up to the studio.

So, why did Mr Goma agree that he was Mr Kewney, when he wasn't?

PS What's a "data support cleanser" & do you have to know who you are, to be one?


  • At 16 May, 2006 08:39, Blogger kat said…

    Hilarious situation. :-)

    What's a "data support cleanser"

    Perhaps the BBC will give send us a job description if we ask for one.

  • At 16 May, 2006 08:46, Blogger Hazeofpink said…

    Just goes to show, you don't need to know anything to get on the tele these days! The interviewer seemed quite unflustered by it all, as if it was just another expert on another day!!! LOL Thanks for starting the day with a laugh! Where do you find them!!!!

  • At 29 May, 2006 23:26, Blogger methel said…

    I think the rule is that the less comprehensible the job title the more mind blowingly boring the job and therefore the less sense of identity the better....somehow Max Weber and ideas of 'anomie' come to mind!


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