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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Passionate Users?

There's passion, & then there's perversion.

When I was studying H806, Kathy Sierra's blog, Creating Passionate Users, was one of my regular reads. So I was shocked to read this story today about how she has been temporarily forced to suspend not only her blogging, but also her real life activities, by a campaign of death threats & verbal/graphic sexual abuse.

Kathy's post on the subject, speaks for itself. So, I hope, does the outpouring of support from the international blogging community evident in the comments. (I copied these into a Word document & counted them at almost 100,000 words. I've not read them all.)

I've posted my own message of support. If you think this matters, please do the same.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Tea & smimbies

Thanks to Nogbad for pointing out this cultural gem: Wavy Davy's ethnographical study of Lancastrian tea customs in the context of smimby history. I'm not too sure about the author's grammatical credentials, though. Most authorities recognise "smimbys" as an archaic form of the plural that fell out of common usage in the mid-17th century. Nevertheless, readers will respect Wavy Davy's enthusiastic approach to rescuing this valuable term from the neglect in which it has recently been languishing.