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Monday, September 18, 2006

Moving on

Didn't actually realise it had been so long since I updated this! It took a while to come round from the ECA. I fiddled with it a little more, but eventually adopted the scab philosophy (keep picking at it won't make it better).
In other developments:
  • Alan has his date for the angioplasty/stent procedure that should restore him to a state of health superior to pre-heart attack (he's looking forward to being able to mow the lawn without taking breaks)

  • "Yes, One Very Good Vehicle" (YE51 VGV) has entered our lives, a nice sedate blue Ford Mondeo with strict instructions to avoid oncoming JCBs
Lots of other boring day to day stuff that I won't inflict on my narrow readership!
Hoping to get a holiday at half term, as I've only had one day off since last September, & much as I love my job, one can have too much of a good thing.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Completed my H806 ECA, that is.

I've noted it in the appropriate place, in an attempt to convince myself it really is finished. All I intended to do was lodge a provisional version & go back later to tart it up, but after a few celebratory brandies I'm coming to the realisation that This Is It. Besides, if I was going to arrive at the ideal ECA, I wouldn't have started from here...
Neurotic perfectionism may have lost out, for once, & that's probably no bad thing.