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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The long & short of it

Every so often, when I'm reading OU forums, somebody mentions the famous quote about only writing such a long letter because there wasn't time to write a shorter one. It's attributed variously to Mark Twain, 'some French guy", 'an classical writer'... Usually I pass it by, though if anybody asks directly who said it, I look it up & then promptly forget again!

This time I'm making a note. It was Blaise Pascal.

I'm also recording this rather lovely blog entry where the ins & outs of its attribution are explored.

The blog, Notes from Classy's Kitchen, is so called because it's written by Claus Dahl & hosted on a computer in his kitchen. In Copenhagen. Hence the logo:

which refers cheekily to another of Denmark's famous exports.

Some of my colleagues have just been debating whether blogging necessarily tends to lead to self-indulgent rambling. I couldn't possibly comment.


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