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Monday, May 21, 2007


Well - better late than never!
Paris more than lived up to expectations. Some personal highlights:

Mmmmm food :-)
Copious breakfasts - not at all how I remember le petit déjeuner as a grudging affair of dry toast & greasy coffee...
Croque-monsieur "paysanne" made with Auvergne blue cheese...
Vietnamese nougat - think concentrated Turkish delight, studded with almonds & rolled in sesame seeds...

Mmmm art :-)

We "did" the Louvre (only got lost once - stranded in the Etruscan statues - then went round the escalators twice trying to get back in, but that was my own fault for thinking I could nip out for a quick fag...) & the Orsay. Bypassed the Mona Lisa & grew a little weary of massed cherubs & bared bosoms, but on the whole it was rewarding. I'll blog properly about the art another time!

Green wheelie bins with yellow lids!

Disappointingly, the one outside our hotel was common or garden green.

Chasing buses with Pirates of the Caribbean ("Jusqu'au bout du monde") posters on the back. Didn't manage to collect a full set, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

The Georges Brassens park.
Baffled a local elderly gent who was a little hard of hearing; his wife had to explain
that we were looking for the Georges Brassens bust, not a bus-stop named after him...
We found the buste eventually, & our joy knew no bounds:

So, that was Paris in the springtime... Paris in the fall has a certain ring to it :-)


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