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Monday, November 14, 2005

Blogging with w.bloggar

This is an experiment. After recommendation from Kat I thought I'd give w.bloggar a try. It's a free offline blog editor (as everyone reading this probably knows already!). Now, the preview shows this in a tiny default font, so I don't know whether I need to set w.bloggar to the same font as my blog, or if it will pick the setiing up automatically from my template when I upload.
Inserting links is just the same here as online. I wonder how it deals with images, which I usually just upload to Blogspot? [srabbles around for suitable test image]

Hmm, how's it going to find that one, then?
Let's try an absolute link:

(A rude message FirstClass caused earlier tonight - assertive, me? I don't thnk so!)
Right, let's hit "Post & Publish"..............


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