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Monday, November 07, 2005

Guy Fawkes

He was just a terrorist, wasn't he?

Nevertheless, I have no more difficulty putting the "real meaning" of Guy Fawkes night aside than I do the "real meaning" of Christmas. We can hang our own meanings on these public festivals, can't we?

For our family, bonfire night is always special, as our youngest was very nearly a "Guy Fawkes baby". Her birthday & bonfire night always run together into a double celebration, which is even more significant now that her older brother & sisters are all away at work or university. We had a grand gathering & as usual our own bonfire & fireworks in the garden. This year it turned into a whole birthday weekend, with the cake on day 3!

It's a great opportunity to see everyone together & measure how they've grown (emotionally, nowadays, rather than physically) over the previous twelve months.


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