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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Catching up

With the C21st, I mean :-)

I just copied my first CD! Well, I've copied plenty of CDs onto cassette before (mainly to share around the family when the kids all had cassette walkmans) & a few years ago I used to put the computer back-ups onto CD Rewritables, until the time I needed to use the backup & it wouldn't play ball. But I'd never actually cloned a music CD until tonight.

Previous attempts had always been abortive, for one reason or another. The old software we had wasn't very user-friendly & used to jabber unintelligibly at me about closed sessions & buffer over-runs (or was it under-runs?). The newer software coincided with a very busy time when I couldn't play, & after a Windows reinstall, wouldn't work at all. The new super-fast PC comes with a full version of Nero (thank you, nice lady at the computer shop!) & I promised myself I'd experiment once the exam was over. In the meantime, daughter #3 has been happily making compilation CDs on the refurbished & Nero-ed "old" computer & it looked quite easy....

That's because it is! The hardest part was working out which drive has the recorder, as neither actually identifies itself as such on the front or in My Computer. But I needn't have worried, as Nero helpfully told me which was which.

Coming on top of the acquisition of a mobile phone for my birthday in March, this constitutes another Major Step Forward. They're both simple & common things, I know, but I've never been a gadgets person. Apart from the web (where I'm still quite proud of having had my first website online in September 1997) I tend to be a "late adopter" where technology is concerned.

And as far as the morality of music copying is concerned, I feel no guilt: the CD is for somebody who would never buy it, & I should think I'm one of the few people to have bothered purchasing the original anyway, given its ranking of 17,296th place!


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