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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Round the Twist

Actually, having mentioned my 1997 website, I think it deserves a little blog entry all of its own. I recently re-discovered it stranded in cyberspace, on the web server of my last but two ISP, who don't seem to have noticed I left about seven years ago. The username/password required to access it for editing are long gone, so there it floats, a little piece of history.

It's history at several levels. There's local interest there, as the Twist lads were well known round Grimsby - their 1998 CD release topped the local Virgin Megastore's sales chart that week - & the main venue they used to play has closed down now. They were an object lesson in the music business's disregard for talent, falling apart messily just after they'd been signed to a record label, as it had taken so long that stresses had built up to an unsustainable level.

There's lots of personal stuff in there too. It was the time of my midlife crisis, when I suddenly decided it would be a good idea to go out & do some living before it was too late. I became completely absorbed in this band, following all their gigs, running the website, keeping a scrapbook of the early days in the hope there would be fame & fortune ahead for them.

The site itself is a mess, but considering it's self-taught hand-coding, long before T171 showed me a better way, I don't think I should be too ashamed of it. I recall somebody at the time asking me "What did you make it with?" & replying, puzzled, "just my computer". I hadn't even heard of HTML editors...

I still maintain they were damn fine songwriters!


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