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Saturday, November 05, 2005

At least there won't be a hurricane!

Just spotted this forecast on the Metcheck website. Looks like we're going to have a localised ice-age...


  • At 06 November, 2005 01:23, Blogger kat said…

    Get up early in the morning and move out. Make sure you tell all the neighbours. When questions are asked about the evacuation of Grimsby someone will have to answer for it, but it won't be us.

  • At 06 November, 2005 17:52, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    I'm pleased to say that I slept through the danger period. When I ventured out, there were just the remnants of a melted ice-cap on the pavements :-)

  • At 07 November, 2005 16:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oooohhhh! That looks COLD.

    Blue fluff will be very blue.


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