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Monday, November 14, 2005

Missing pic

Hmm, here's the pic that was supposed to be in my bloggar post. Thought it was too good to be true :-(
(It showed up for me, but that's the old 'local machine' trick!)
So, w.bloggar is only a time-saver for non-illustrated posts?


  • At 14 November, 2005 17:19, Blogger kat said…

    If the picture showed up on your own machine the html ref. must have been pointing to a file on your machine instead of a file on a server. To use images with w.blogger go to Tools>Blog Properties> Upload and then insert the ftp details of your own webspace. ( Not Blogger - There is a limit on how many files you can upload to Blogger anyway, so why not get used to using your own space now?) When you want to include a picture in a post you can then simply press the upload file button, which is next to the image button. The file will then upload to your own space ( in a jiffy ) and the html with the correct ref. will automatically be inserted in your post. This works - honest. :-)Once you have set it up with the ftp details, it is a piece of pie.
    (When inserting the ftp details remember to include the remote path. My files for example are stored on the server in a folder named htdocs and /htdocs/ is all I needed to put in the remote path box.)

  • At 14 November, 2005 20:18, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    I was sticking with the blogspot space for now as it's such a faff FTPing an image to my ISP space just so I can put it into a blog post. But if it can be an all-in-one operation, that might be worth a try.
    I thought maybe w.bloggar uploaded the image to blogspot along with the post, until a friend reported the red cross.

  • At 14 November, 2005 21:56, Blogger kat said…

    You only need to put the details in once and then there is absolutely no faff at all after that - That's the beauty of it. ( I won't bully you into it though. )


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