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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Reputation - it really works

I'd been reading about the role played by online reputation systems in the networked world (Rheingold, Smart Mobs). I was a little cynical about how well, for instance, eBay's feedback processes would actually help consumers feel safe. Alan buys on eBay & has experienced wrong feedback being given (he picked up a negative report from a seller who'd 'confused him with somebody else'). But now it turns out the seller involved has been the subject of several complaints & Alan just received this notice:

A member with whom you've recently transacted has been indefinitely suspended from eBay within 90 days of registration. We have removed any feedback they left for you or others.  

eBay removes feedback when a member is indefinitely suspended for certain policy breaches within 90 days of registration. eBay believes that members indefinitely suspended soon after registration shouldn't be able to permanently affect another member's account.

I suspect there's not much to stop the seller resuming his activities under another ID, but it's good to see eBay taking such steps to make its reputation system work.


  • At 17 November, 2005 15:50, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just wish they could have done more two years ago when some wa***er ripped me off with a mobile phone scam. "I posted it honestly! It's not my fault you didn't receive it." I mnaged to get a refund of the excess I'd paid for recorded delivery because he didn't use that service. "I gave it to my brother to post and he sent it ordinary post by mistake."
    I ended up £100 out of pocket and he abused me in the comment section 'cos I got the police round to his house, which turned out to be his cousin's address.


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