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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Metaphorically speaking...

I'm about to click that "Register Now" button.
I'd had my eye on T185 for a while, & today I noticed that its final presentation is coming up in October this year. I've just accepted some extra work for October/November, but I think I would regret letting this one slip away. The course has its own taster website, & some of the sample materials, such as this history of metaphor, are just too intriguing to resist. I'm familiar with the power of metaphor from a literary perspective, but T185 promises to examine it from other angles - systems theory (which I had a taste of in T175) for instance, & cognitive science.
It used to be thought that although metaphors were useful for livening up what you said, they didn't do much else. But in the last couple of decades it has begun to be recognised that far from just being decorative, metaphor, and its underlying imagery, are crucial building blocks of everyday thinking and language. They shape our ideas (positively and negatively) and even our perceptions, in very fundamental ways.
Despite its T prefix, it looks like a U course, creatively interdisciplinary. Nothing nasty like CMAs or an exam, either, just a portfolio to prove you've joined in, & an ECA reviewing what you've learned.
I think it'll be fun :-)


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