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Friday, August 18, 2006


As in, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of them.

One of my OU jobs is really turning pear-shaped on me. Something I thought I was quite good at, but am gradually being forced into the conclusion I'm actually cr*p at, because I naively assume people are nice. I should know better. I should go with Nick Cave's sentiment, "people just ain't no good". If I started from that position, I wouldn't get disappointed so often.

Oh well. I'll know next time.


  • At 18 August, 2006 11:30, Blogger kat said…

    Gosh! I think I know how you feel. I don't know what your situation is but I had one really unsuitable bunch of people this year. (Never met a group like them and I don't want to ever again. The class from absolute hell.) Not a nice thing to say, but they were all so selfish toward each other. I can't cope with people like that - Not to that extent. Individually yes, but not in a large group. They should never have been together - Not with me anyway. Nearly gave me a nervous breakdown - Think it did actually. In my case I made the mistake of not saying at the start 'This will not work'. I ended up running out on them all. Maybe I'll blog about it when I get the courage. Some of the things which happened compounded the situation and they are quite funny. ( They must be - when I tell other people, they laugh. )

    Unfortunately, my nerves and my confidence are still very much in tatters.

  • At 18 August, 2006 14:41, Blogger Hazeofpink said…

    (((Bluefluff))) Hey you! It's not about you being cr*p it's about the fact that some people gel and others don't! You've had loads of successful groups that you have managed and got them working together well, just because you've had one or two negative experiences it isn't your fault, it's just the way it is!! Just think s*d it and move on to the next thing! You don't need to carry this baggage and certainly don't let it weigh you down!! You are really good at your job Bluefluff, I know from experience!!!! OK!! You listening to me??!!! :-) (That's Ok then ;-) )

  • At 20 August, 2006 01:09, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    Kat - I hope your cruise restores some calm & a new perspective :-)
    I've decided to be a little more selfish about the situation I'm dealing with, & go with what makes me feel better 'in my skin' as the French would say, instead of trying to please everyone & succeeding in pleasing no-one.

  • At 20 August, 2006 01:10, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    Haze - thank you :-)

  • At 21 August, 2006 14:58, Blogger Daydreamer said…

    Just write them off as a hopeless bunch, Bluefluff! You've done your best with them and coped with a lot of flack that you didn't need.

    The next lot will be lovely I bet!


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