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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Update on the smoking

I threw myself a challenge:
I'm probably deluding myself when I tell the kids it's "only" at night, "only" outdoors & "only" halves. Ask me again in a month's time!
The month is up, & at the risk of sliding into cliché, two out of three ain't bad. Still only outdoors & only halves, & haven't yet exceeded five. But that's not quite "given up", is it?


  • At 19 August, 2006 11:56, Blogger kat said…

    Sounds like you are doing very well to me. Wish I could stick to 5 a day.

  • At 19 August, 2006 22:16, Blogger methel said…

    Sounds good to me too - I still have to light the odd one every now and then and leave it to burn just so I can cope....dumb innit? Physical cravings have gone after nearly 4 months but the psychological ones are harder to cope with - "keep on truckin', ya doing real good kid!", as thr saying goes ;-)

  • At 21 August, 2006 14:49, Blogger Daydreamer said…

    You're doing great, Bluefluff. Keep it up!


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