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Saturday, October 15, 2005

About the banner

A friend sent me the link & I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a genuine one (I don't think she'll mind me saying that I usually run her forwarded emails through Snopes before responding!) . It turns out the Pink Ribbon site is run by the Hunger Site people, who I used to keep on my links bar until I lost my bookmarks some months ago....

Anyway, it seemed appropriate, in view of recent postings (still waiting for the results, btw).

Since I'm deep into revision-avoidance territory at the moment, I thought it might be fun to add a link to my blog... then realised I could fritter away even more time if I set it up as an image link, & more time still if I didn't just put it into a post but worked out how to add a banner to my template. So I did :-)


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