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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Anti-toe-rag measures

I've finally been goaded into turning on the "word verification" feature that Blogger offers as protection against unwanted spam comments (not that there's such a thing as wanted spam comments, is there?).

So, Mr "angry Asian man", thank you for scrawling verbal graffiti over my blog. Wanna bet that I'm far, far angrier than you?!


  • At 15 October, 2005 23:51, Blogger kat said…

    Don't get mad, get even. Put Spam Poison on your blog. I don't know how effective it is but anything that strikes out at spammers is worth a try.

  • At 16 October, 2005 00:08, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    I'll take a look, Kat - thanks.

  • At 16 October, 2005 00:50, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    Looks like that's only designed to annoy email address harvesters, not people posting spam to the blog - so the word verification stays, I'm afraid.

  • At 16 October, 2005 01:31, Blogger kat said…

    Yes. Sorry I wasn't being very clear. It doesn't stop the posters - that's why I use the word verification, but I think it is worth upsetting the harvesters, because they turn into email spammers. Email and blog spammers are as bad as one another and probably the same or potentially the same people. I am probably still not being very clear but it is late.

    I'll try again - Email and blog spammers are the pits of the earth and anything I can do that could upset or hinder either of them, is worth doing.

  • At 16 October, 2005 03:54, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    Totally agree with you on the "pits" assessment!

    Do you think SpamPoison distinguishes between bad bots & good bots? I don't mind being crawled over by search engines, for instance (despite a touch of arachnophobia!)

    I'll take another serious look next week. Judgement is somewhat impaired atm by pre-exam nerves & foolish alcohol-based attempts to address same :-)

  • At 16 October, 2005 16:24, Blogger kat said…

    It just attacks the email harvestes, bluefluff.

    Good luck with the exam.


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