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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wot, no pizza?

It's only about five years since I finally found a mnemonic that actually worked, for remembering the names of the planets. Could never get on with the mouldy jam sandwiches or any of that stuff, until one day I discovered this:

"My very energetic mother just served us nine pizzas"

It reminded me of a rare flattering photo I have of myself, & it stuck.

Now they've gone & taken away the pizza :-(


  • At 24 August, 2006 23:16, Blogger methel said…

    yeah - sad isn't it - I was hoping they'd at least make it a pluton. And what's gonna become of Holst's musical delight?? 8 planets and a dwarf? - sounds a bit like something Snow White might come up with to explain a bad acid trip...

    love the photo by the way :-)

  • At 26 August, 2006 14:12, Blogger Hazeofpink said…

    Great pic :-) Just enjoy the pizza and let the planets make their own way ;-) No need to worry about Holst he'd never heard of Pluto!!!

  • At 01 September, 2006 08:42, Blogger methel said…

    HOP - that's amazing, thanks :-)

  • At 05 September, 2006 21:44, Blogger Hazeofpink said…

    You're welcome Methel :-)
    Thought of you, Blue, while away a newspaper USA Today (28th August)carried your mnemonic!! It came up with a few new ones to keep the planets aligned!! Here's a few:
    My Very Extravagant Mother Just Sent Us Nachos.
    My Very Elderly Mother Just Sits Up Nights.
    Major Volcanoes Erupt, Making Jolts, Shaking Unsteady Nerves.
    Make Very Extraordinary Meals of Jell-O, Strawberries and Unsalted Nuts.
    Mary's Violet Eyes Make Jack Stare Until Noticed.
    and last one!
    My Very Exotic Mistress Just Showed Up Nude!
    However, I've heard that not enough voting scientists turned up to carry the motion that Pluto be demoted so I think it's still a Planet!!!! :-)


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