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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Close encounters of the JCB kind

So, Alan was happily driving along this country lane, when along comes a JCB on the wrong side of the road, with its bucket obliterating the driver's view....

Luckily, he ducked.

Sigh. That's another of his lives ticked off.


  • At 30 August, 2006 08:59, Blogger methel said…

    shoot! poor Alan, poor you! I'm off to light some candles for you guys and then I think it's time for a "performance review" with those guardian angels of yours - I don't see them meeting of their job specs just recently... I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a quieter life for you both.

  • At 30 August, 2006 16:47, Blogger Hazeofpink said…

    Have just come online to post some blogs from Houston, and my tummy turned over to see your car! So very relieved that Alan is OK! Sitting here shaking! :-(
    Please say hi from us! He keeps giving us shocks doesn't he!
    I would email, but this seems to be the only place I can get access!
    Take care all of you!!!
    Mary x

  • At 31 August, 2006 03:55, Blogger Bluefluff said…

    Methel - the candles are appreciated :-)
    The guardian angels may just be going about things strangely - after all, Alan has survived both his recent adventures.

    Pink - thank you :-)
    I didn't expect you to see this until you got back, & hope it didn't upset you too much. Get on with enjoying yourself!!

  • At 01 September, 2006 23:54, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Spotted your blog from Topsyturvydom.

    Blimey - someone was looking out for him. Glad everyone's OK.

    Had a close escape last May with an artic waggon ourselves - realy shook us up, just goes to show though, live every day to the full, you never know whats around the corner.

    Ford Focus vs Truck



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